Planning a Raleigh Wine Tasting Tour? Here's Our Top 8 Tips

Eight Tips on Planning Your Wine Tasting Tour in Raleigh, NC

Celebrating an engagement, birthday, or other event tastes better with a glass of wine or several. Spend a weekend in beautiful Raleigh, NC, and treat yourself and your friends to a wine tasting tour. Make the trip more memorable by scheduling one of Raleigh’s wine tour packages with the area’s top luxury car service.

Eight Ways to Enjoy Your Raleigh, NC, Wine Tasting Tour

Besides providing your group with a professional designated driver, you can make your trip into wine country more enjoyable with these eight easy tips.

1. Choose the Right Wineries

Wine tours require more decisions than which wines taste the best. Wineries provide different atmospheres and amenities, with some offering gourmet lunches, private tours, and other intriguing experiences while you sip your wine. Research Raleigh wineries and discover which ones offer the type of ambiance that best matches your group.

2. Pay Attention to Location

While choosing wineries, check their locations and ensure you can easily travel between them throughout the day. Even when relying on a professional driver and luxury vehicle, you want to keep trips between locations short and sweet so you can maximize your fun. Knowing each winery’s location also helps you create a reasonable and easy-to-keep itinerary.

3. Reserve Ahead

Wine country tours can fill up quickly, so make reservations with your preferred wineries before you show up to a full house. This tip helps you, especially if you have a large group of friends going with you. Reservations can also provide the opportunity to work with the winery to make the trip more special for a friend’s birthday, engagement, or other celebration.

4. Eat Ahead of Time

Whether you prefer country, coastal, or valley wine, eating before you arrive helps you feel more comfortable and enjoy the experience without worrying about food. Most wineries offer some type of snack or meal but eating before your arrival lets you focus on the wine and less on the lunch menu. Don’t eat anything with too much seasoning or spice so you can preserve your taste buds for the wine, and keep your meal light, so you don’t feel too full.

5. Avoid Strong Tastes or Scents

The best way to ruin your wine tasting tour is by spoiling your senses before taking your first sip. Your nose should sniff out every bouquet, and your taste buds should sing during a wine tasting, so exposing yourself to strong smells or flavors can desensitize you. Some tips for keeping your mouth and nose ready for your tasting tour include:

  • Avoiding flavored ChapStick
  • Not wearing strong fragrances
  • Refraining from drinking the day before

6. Dress Comfortably

Many wineries have indoor and outdoor areas for wine tasting, allowing you to take advantage of warm sunny days or heated interior seating areas. You might also choose to tour a vineyard or wander the winery’s acreage while you visit, regardless of the weather. Wear layers so you can remove them if you get warm and replace them if it turns chilly, and choose shoes that don’t hurt your feet while walking on your wine tasting tour.

7. Pack a Day Bag

Make your day out as comfortable as possible by bringing a day bag on your wine tasting tour. Eating beforehand shouldn’t stop you from packing easy-to-transport foods, nor should comfortable dressing result in you not bringing an extra shawl. Use a fair-sized bag and pack it with snacks, jackets, or other necessities that improve your trip, including:

  • Sunscreen
  • A bottle of water
  • A compact travel umbrella
  • A portable solar-powered phone charger

8. Practice Responsible Drinking

Wine tasting tours can take a turn for the worst when visitors overindulge or make poor choices while drinking. Set drinking limits for yourself and your friends and help each other stay accountable throughout the experience.

Enjoy Your Wine Tasting Tour with a Luxury Vehicle from Triangle Corporate Coach

Wine tastes better when you don’t have to worry about choosing a designated driver and best when you know you have a luxury vehicle waiting to pick you up. Create the ultimate Raleigh, NC, wine tasting tour by hiring a limousine, SUV, or luxury sedan to shuttle you between wineries. Call our professionals at Triangle Corporate Coach at (919) 648-1048 to reserve a luxury vehicle for your wine tour today.

Whether you’re looking for a fun night out or wine tours in Durham, NC, let our professional drivers help make it an even more memorable experience.

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