Triangle Corporate Coach explains the benefits of hiring a private car service for your Raleigh wine tasting. Call today to book a car for winery tours.

Why Hire a Private Car Service for Your Raleigh Wine Tasting Event

Many people are unaware of the thriving wine countries in Raleigh that produce stunning bouquets for both red and white wines. While planning your trip to the area, check out these wine tour packages in Raleigh, NC.

After designing the perfect Raleigh wine-tasting schedule, hire luxury transportation from Triangle Corporate Coach. Our drivers prioritize your desires throughout your trip exploring the state’s stunning vineyards.

Raleigh Wine Tasting: The Hidden Gem of North Carolina Wine

When you think of wineries, you likely picture the sweeping vineyards of Napa Valley. However, North Carolina serves as the hidden gem of American wine producers.

With hundreds of wineries and vineyards across the state, North Carolina produces premium wines that contribute over $2 billion to the state’s economy. Furthermore, the use of muscadine grapes to create the state’s wide selection of wines dates back to Native American use.

Winery tours offer North Carolina tourists the chance to experience this vibrant wine culture. Offering selections of wine for every palette, a Raleigh wine tasting might be the perfect event for your party.

7 Benefits of Hiring a Private Car Service for Your Raleigh Wine Tasting

These days, people are quick to select ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft as convenient ride choices. However, luxury transportation offers many benefits. From increased safety to punctuality, consider these seven benefits of hiring a private car service for your day exploring North Carolina’s wineries.

Higher Safety Standards

Anyone who meets a ride-sharing service’s qualifications can register to drive. While these requirements meet basic safety standards, they are far less intensive than those required by a private car service.

Professional drivers from luxury transportation and private car companies receive in-depth driving training, certifications, and licensing to certify their high quality. Furthermore, their years of experience navigating the winding roads leading to many North Carolina wineries equip them with the skills to chauffeur your party safely and easily.

Increased Health Standards

After the pandemic, public focus on health and hygiene rose significantly. However, there’s no guarantee the ride-sharing vehicles or drivers meet acceptable hygiene standards.

Private car services have high expectations for safety and health standards within their vehicles. Choosing luxury transportation for your afternoon for wine tasting ensures you receive a clean, well-kept vehicle.

Greater Flexibility and Convenience

While many people perceive app-based ride services as the most convenient transportation option, this may not be the case. Drivers may be unable to make last-minute changes or adhere to your in-the-moment wishes.

Professional drivers clear their schedules to focus on providing you with the most convenient service possible. Furthermore, should you decide to add or change stops along your journey, your driver will be happy to accommodate your requests.


Private car services prioritize your schedule and timing over everything else. Without focusing on obtaining the next ride or getting as many people in their car as possible, they’re able to show up on time and wait as long as needed. Hiring a professional driver keeps your schedule intact.

More Comfortable Vehicles

Choosing a private car service means you’ll get to select a vehicle ahead of time. As a result, you have complete control over the size, make, model, and look of your transportation for your Raleigh wine tasting. There’s no better way to guarantee your group’s comfort than by selecting a car that comfortably seats everyone without issue.


You can depend on your professional driver. Eliminate the stress and frustration of a driver canceling on you at the last minute or charging extra for the challenging driving necessary to reach many of the state’s wineries. Private car service drivers serve you and only you, adhering to your needs and desires throughout the day.

Focus More on Having Fun

The most important part of a Raleigh wine tasting is to have as much fun as possible. Random stressors like additional stops or unexpected detours can be difficult with ride-sharing services and may cost extra. With a private car service, you know what you get up front and can focus on making memories with your group.

Hire the Best Luxury Transportation from Triangle Corporate Coach

Triangle Corporate Coach offers top-rated vehicles and drivers for your Raleigh wine tasting. Consider booking one of our luxury sedans, SUVs, or coach buses while planning your wine tasting tour. Let us handle the stress and logistics of the day so you can focus on what really matters.

For more information about scheduling a car service for your next Raleigh wine tasting adventure, call (919) 648-1048 and schedule transportation from Triangle Corporate Coach today.

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