Figuring Out The Vehicle Size Needed For My Luxury Transportation

Figuring Out The Vehicle Size Needed For My Luxury Transportation

Are you planning an outing for a wine tour, birthday party, bachelor party, bachelorette party, sporting event, or other activity? Determining the best size luxury vehicle to book for your transportation needs can be a difficult task. The logistics can become daunting quickly and sometimes overwhelming. There will be complications along the way, and this is certain; however, if you wonder how to book the correct size luxury transportation, this article can help you. Follow the steps contained within this article to figure out the correct luxury transportation that will suit your needs and the size of your group.

Who Will Be Invited – Create a Rough Roster

Creating a rough roster begins with writing down every name you can think of that might be a good addition to the group. Make sure to go through acquaintances, family, friends, and others to ensure you don’t forget anybody important. With this said, when you eventually book your luxury transportation, you will want to be sure to have one or two additional seats available, just in case.

The list is now long, and you believe you have everyone you could think of on the list. Sometimes, the first roster is perfect, and no editing is necessary. In this case, you are done with the list.

However, many times the first roster has too many people on it. Now comes the difficult part; some will need to be eliminated from the roster, as the roster must be shorted to a reasonable number. Go through the list with a fine-tooth comb and pick only those who must attend. Now you have your firm guest list prepared, and it is time to move forward.

Send the Invitations Out

Now that your guest list is finalized, it is time to create and send out invitations. It is essential to send out the RSVPs with plenty of time ahead of the event. Make sure to place the date and time of the event on the invitation. It is also essential to inform the guests you expect an RSVP no less than two weeks in advance of the event.

Invitations are a great chance not only to inform about the event and invite but also to share important information with guests. Be sure to include event details and share what is expected of guests with them. Let guests know if they will be responsible for transportation costs. Alerting guests of what is expected will eliminate surprises that could have a negative effect on guests at the last minute.

Keeping Track of Guest Information

It is one thing to send out the invitations, and it is a whole other thing to collect the information you will receive. After the invitations have been successfully sent out, the RSVPs will most likely begin pouring in. It is vital to gather all this information and keep track of it. Guests may RSVP through emails, text, phone calls, in person, or other methods, so creating a system that allows you to organize is imperative. Each time you are contacted, take notes of this new info. If a guest has not sent back an RSVP and it is two weeks before the event, reach out directly to these guests. Find out if they plan on coming.

Final Amount of Passengers

After you have received RSVPs and you have followed up with those who have not gotten back, it is time to calculate your final headcount. If you are the planner, be sure to add yourself to the total count.

Book Your Vehicle

Now that you have a headcount, you can begin looking for an appropriate vehicle. Our luxury transportation fleet can handle up to 48 passengers or as few as one single passenger. One of our luxury vehicles will undoubtedly suit your needs, but be sure to book early to ensure the vehicle will be available on your needed date.

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