The Top Vacation Attractions in the Research Triangle

The Top Vacation Attractions in the Research Triangle

Browse impressive gardens at Duke University

Duke University is a very unique place to visit that has been known for harboring an exquisite garden with a wide variety of plants that are breathtaking. Not only that, but the gothic architecture here is noteworthy and remarkable! This would be an excellent stop to consider getting in touch with nature! Here you will feel like you’re shooting a movie and it is even better in person!

Visit the North Carolina Museum of Art

Here you will find some of the most unique sculptures and special exhibits to browse at your leisure. The experience here will keep you engaged and informed about the variety of art to witness and there are many mediums. Here you might gain access to exclusive concerts, shows, and performances. There is a lot of art to witness here and you will definitely be more cultured after enjoying an epic art excursion. At Triangle Corporate Coach we will get you here with style and finesse to enjoy some of the most sophisticated and thought-provoking art around!

Look through fresh produce at Raleigh Farmer’s market

If you’re looking for variety and fresh produce then you should definitely check out the Raleigh Farmer’s market instead of hitting up the next fast food joint. Here you will gain access to the largest selection in the area of fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables that are ready to enrich your visit. It’s not often you get a chance to eat this fresh so take advantage of this incredible market! There are over 30,000 feet of different options including plants and produce. You might be looking for a nice souvenir and a plant is something that will stay alive for a while to remind you of what a fun trip you had cruising around town! It’s a perfect stop for browsing through the best of the best!

Visit the North Carolina State Capitol

This is a very interesting location and is considered to be a historic shrine that was built during the Greek revival period. It has an amazing vibe about it that makes for a perfect stop to take some pictures and gain a sense of peace. The structure itself is very elegant and beautiful despite being so old. It’s a perfectly preserved building that has a nice charm to it considering it’s free to access. This is a great spot to visit just to say you made it to the Capitol. It will give you some useful information and will be a smaller-sized tour. The State Capitol is definitely worth considering for your next excursion and Triangle Corporate Tech will get you there!

Be one with nature at Jordan Lake

This is the perfect spot to get away and start enjoying nature again. There is a lot of lands here to enjoy various activities including fishing, hiking, roosting, and much more! This awe-inspiring recreation area is the summer home of the bald eagle so you might get some amazing photos if you’re lucky! Jordan Lake is a great spot to enjoy a peaceful boat out on the lake where the tranquility of mother nature will lull you into a trance and give you solace away from the more active locations. We ensure you get there with style and reliability as a great end to your day to enjoy the outdoors. We are flexible with your vacation needs at Triangle Corporate Coach, and seek to elevate your vacation with a bodacious ride!

Eno River State Park for hiking

Eno River is another spot that you should consider when in the research triangle and is perfect for hiking and being outdoors. This state park will offer you some scenic picturesque trails that will make you feel excited and inspired. All trails are very safe and there are some spots with some running water that adds an extra element of fun into the mix. This is a great park if you’re looking to have a picnic and do some exploring in the area. The Bobbitt Hole Trail is of particular interest here and many have found it to be a highly rewarding experience. You will enjoy the finest nature scenes at this state park and we are happy to bring you there! Choose us because we are professionals in the industry and will give you a supreme experience with luxury vehicles! We streamline the vacation process and keep you moving from different points without the added stresses of public transportation and traffic. Gain all these benefits and more when you hire Triangle Corporate Coach to take you around this wonderful vacation spot!

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