Chauffeur vs. Driver in Raleigh: Explaining the Key Differences Between the Two

In the world of transportation, people refer to anyone behind the wheel of a vehicle as a driver or chauffeur. However, using both words interchangeably is incorrect, as they have different meanings.   The word “driver” is a blanket term for anyone driving a vehicle (which technically includes chauffeurs). On the other hand, a chauffeur is […]

8 Ways a Chauffeur-Driven Car Service in Raleigh Redefines Comfort

Sliding into the backseat of a chauffeur-driven car can feel like the height of luxury, especially when you’re on vacation or celebrating a special occasion and want to feel pampered and, yes, like a VIP.  Triangle Corporate Coach, a provider of premium chauffeuring services in Raleigh, NC, understands this and goes the extra mile to ensure every […]