Travel after the pandemic in the research triangle area - Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill

Learn Where and How to Travel After the Pandemic

Living through a situation like Covid-19 has not been an easy task for anyone. That is why Triangle Corporate Coach is focusing on the future; getting ready for the fun times we will have when we travel after the pandemic. We have come up with a list of family-friendly activities that everyone will enjoy in the research triangle area in North Carolina.

Marbles Kids Museum

This is a great spot to take the kids to get a dose of education and fun during a special event like a birthday party. Travel after the pandemic may have some permanent changes, but it will be much less stressful when things are over. You can enjoy many activities here for a well-rounded and enriching experience once the pandemic clears up. Triangle Corporate Coach has the professional transportation services you need to thrive. They are waiting for things to settle down for you to explore these locations safely and conveniently with many amenities.

Frankie’s Fun Park

You can learn more about Triangle Corporate Coach as a viable option for transportation around the Triangle area. You can enjoy going to destinations with the family. Frankie’s Fun Park will be much more enjoyable without the mask restrictions. Many of these locations are still open, but it’s more of a matter of comfort regarding Covid-19. Here you can gain access to a thrilling adventure park that offers you a wide variety of experiences that will truly be more memorable once this virus has passed. This is a wonderful location to thrive if you have children because there are fun rides to enjoy. It’s a versatile experience for the whole family and Triangle Corporate Coach can get you there!

The PNC Arena

If you’re looking to enjoy a hockey game then check out the PNC Arena which is the go-to ice rink to watch competitive sports. Stadiums in general have been under attack by the regulations of Covid-19. People haven’t felt safe in large numbers close together even outdoors because of the rapid spread of the variant. However, there is hope for the future and Triangle Corporate Coach will be there immediately once times get better. We are waiting with our finger on the dial to give you the most rewarding transportation services in the area where you will be swiftly accommodated to make it to the next big game! It can be any other sport and you might even like to visit multiple stadiums in one day!

North Carolina Museum of History

You might be looking for a more historic and informative stop on your vacation to the Triangle and this is one of the best options to consider. Here you will witness history in the making through a comprehensive overview of the location. One of the main advantages of this spot is you can gather more perspective about what happened in the area. It’s neat to learn about new historical subtleties, but it’s indoors so this has been a very sharp challenge regarding social distancing and keeping things contained on a busy day. You won’t have to worry about the different variables once the virus has been properly stabilized. Triangle Corporate Coach will be there to drop you off and pick you up on time. Travel after the pandemic will be stress-free when you are rolling with style and finesse!

Crabtree Valley Mall

Everyone has to shop for new souvenirs when visiting a new thrilling location and the Crabtree Valley Mall is the perfect spot to throw caution to the wind and pick up some new clothes or fun accessories. It can be daunting knowing that there’s a virus on the loose, and that’s why this Mall will be far more enjoyable once things clear up. When the virus is fully defeated, you will feel more comfortable traveling to various spots around the area. This can be a busy mall, and it’s important to feel safe throughout the entire experience while on vacation. Even when the pandemic is over they will thoroughly accommodate guests with the necessary interior air filtration systems.

Walnut Creek Amphitheater

Sometimes it’s relaxing to just sit and listen to music or a fun show, and that’s what the Walnut Creek Amphitheater is all about. However, you might find yourself in close quarters here so there is an element of risk during the pandemic. There are many possibilities for this stage and it’s all about catching the correct show. Some people will even stay through many performances just to get some fresh air and enjoy relaxing entertainment. You can count on Triangle Corporate Coach to transport you anywhere professionally once the virus is eradicated! Travel after the pandemic will be much less challenging, and we are here to make it even easier during vacation!

Although this has been a tough situation for most, the best thing to do is to look towards the future and what it holds. Our team members at Triangle Corporate Coach are excited to be a part of your travel after the pandemic. Give us a call today to make a reservation for your next trip to the research triangle area of North Carolina!

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